Circus Font Ring - Sterling Silver Ring


My clients are unique, interesting people. I enjoy working on their projects, meeting their expectations and providing a service that can bring their jewelry dreams to fruition. When I was asked to create a ring using the Circus type font I knew it would be a fun project. I love typography. Being a graphic design what better form of inspiration then a fun type face called Circus Font.

The #74 ring project was interesting for me because it was a true marriage of graphic design and custom ring design.

Circus Font

Circus Font

We always start with drawings

Since the font was so unique we knew this ring would have to be hand carved to capture the design of the typeface. As shown below we started with top. front and side elevations for the ring. Once the client approved the drawings we then started the carving.

We used a combination of burrs and hand engravers to capture the style of the font. The raised accent balls were melted from a special wax that we used to make small spheres in wax.

Carving the circus font

The final touches were to patina the background with liver of sulphur to highlight the carving.

The final Circus font ring