A Smart Tattoo


A Modern Tattoo - DuoSkin - Smart Body Jewelry

The latest in temporary body art uses gold leaf and technology to communicate and adorn our bodies.

DuoSkin tattoos are designed to last a few days at the most.

DuoSkin tattoos are designed to last a few days at the most.

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed gold leaf temporary tattoos that can sense touch input, change colors to match the wearer’s mood, or communicate and share data with devices.

The secret to the new wearable tech, which is affordable in a way similar projects have not been, is gold leaf, which is conductive, skin-safe, and easy to attach and remove from skin. Researchers chose the material for these reasons and also for its appearance, which resembles the look of jewelry.

“DuoSkin draws from a trend in body art around metallic jewelry-like tattoos, which are temporary tattoos printed with nonconductive metallic ink,”  “Unlike projects in the related work, DuoSkin leverages readily accessible materials and processes that enable users to create and customize on-skin circuitry. For more details please follow the link MIT paper.

(Screenshot courtesy of MIT Media Lab)

Digital skin jewelry, Smart from MIT Media Lab on Vimeo