Susan Hayward's Star Brooch | Research & Design

Susan Hayward Brooch-Kathleen Lynagh Designs (12).jpg
To start a project all we need is a direction - a single idea roughed out in pencil will do just fine

No matter how rough the sketch may be - we can figure how the design was made and make it. The sketch above is what we used to start our project. The initial conceptual sketch provided by Larry McQueen, owner of The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design.

Susan Hayward Brooch-Kathleen Lynagh Designs (3).jpg

It is not easy to re-create jewelry from a moving picture. We had very few studio images to work with, and none of them showed the full brooch. The above image is what we had to work with from the film. We could tell it was a multiple leveled design - mostly emerald and diamond. And we believed it to be fine jewelry not costume jewelry. Perhaps one of Ms Haywards own brooches.

Typically jewelry from the 1940’s - 60’s focused on large beautiful cabochons.

Kathleen Lynagh Jewelry - sketch created using Photoshop


The radiating star brooch was very popular and finding samples to develop were fairly easy. All we needed to do was find the right color green and then find a gem we could afford.

We found one online and bought it from a dealer in Europe.

We found one online and bought it from a dealer in Europe.

We decided to look for an emerald glass cabochon - a man made emerald was out of our reach.

Front view of a sample multi-layered brooch

Back view

We knew the brooch had a few levels - three seemed to be the best guess. So we completed the drawings and processed to making the wax models. Carving in wax is one of the lost arts and it happens to be my specialties.