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Our Maker’s Blog is all about jewelry design, our research and making recreated jewelry for film, TV and costume industry.

Jewelry Design for Costume

The process in designing jewelry can be complicated. But as long as you can see it in your mind and I can draw - I will be able to make it for you.
— Kathleen
Ingrid Bergman Pendant-Kathleen Lynagh Designs.jpg
Ingrid Bergman Pendant-Kathleen Lynagh Designs (2).jpg

My first project working with The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design was to recreate a pendant worn by Ingrid Bergman in the film classic “Gaslight”.

It was this collaboration that started our working together to re-create lost Hollywood gems. Below is a link to the Ingrid Bergman “Gaslight” project and the steps it took to create this piece of jewelry.

Once this project was completed we continued designing and developing other jewelry designs. The following links will take you to the three projects which were created for an exhibit of Hollywood Costumes in LA.