Jewelry Design for Costume

The process in designing jewelry can be complicated. But as long as you can see it in your mind, tell me what you want and I can draw it - then I will be able to make it for you.
— Kathleen

Our first project working with The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design was to recreate a pendant worn by Ingrid Bergman in the film classic “Gaslight”. It was our belief that this pendant may have been from a personal jewelry collection and was worn in the film to complete the costume. Costumes were designed by Irene Maud Lentz, an American fashion designer and a costume designer from the 1930’s.

As with all of our projects we start with a few images from the film and just jump into research and design development. Some projects are easier than others - all of them are unique! That is what is so great about this job.


how’s it is made

The Bergman pendant was just the beginning of our collaboration

Hollywood Jewelry Projects