Susan Hayward's Brooch | Maker's Bench


How It’s Made

Once the waxes were cast in bronze the next step was to solder the castings together.
Kathleen Lynagh Designs

We knew that we were going to plate them so we understood that the entire brooch would have to be assembled before plating. Clean-up was easy since we did most of it in the wax stage.

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Susan Hayward Brooch-Kathleen Lynagh Designs (26).jpg

The emerald and diamond star brooch that Susan Hayward wore in movies like "Ada" and "Valley of the Dolls" was finally coming together. The final step was to carefully glue each gemstone in place. We did decide to conventionally set the “emerald”.

Kathleen lynagh Designs
Ready for shipping - off ot he Academy
Susan Hayward Brooch.jpg

Susan Hayward's dazzling recreated brooch was on display at the Hollywood Costume Exhibition in LA 2015.