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Ingrid Bergman's Pendant | Film Class “Gaslight”

Ingrid Bergman Pendant-Kathleen Lynagh Designs.jpg

Research & Design

Victorian Pendant Design for The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design

Starting a project where you are asked to recreate something unique, from the past and which is now no longer in existence is totally exciting.

The challenge was to remake the pendant worn by Ingrid Bergman in the movie Gaslight. I was given a handful of images from the movie to begin my research.  Many details in the pendant were impossible to see, even with a magnifier.  

Image provided by: The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design

However, I was able to recognize several Victorian design elements. I had learned from my client that this pendant may have been a family own piece. I made the assumption that it could have been made from a production jewelry designer.

Searching thru jewelry images from the Victorian time period I was able to locate details that we could use for our project. I believed this to be a popular shape. I knew I needed to be able to draw the details in order to make it. So I focused my energies on finding actual Victorian pendants and studying them one by one until I found the details we believed our pendant shared.

Researching Historical Jewelry:

Victorian pendant - two tone metal color details. Yellow gold with rose gold accents.

Victorian gold filled pendant. A beautiful sample of Victorian period use of color and texture.

Victorian pendant compliments of Google search.

Open pendant. Could not believe our luck in finding this pendant online.

Now that I understood the design I could start the project.