Canturi for “Moulin Rouge”

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Satine’s Necklace Created by Canturi for “Moulin Rouge”

Pinterest can be a great source of information. It was here that I first saw Satine’s Necklace from the film “Moulin Rouge”, an incredible necklace created by Canturi. This project inspired me to start my own design business for film. Canturi is a Master Jeweler in every sense of the word.

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When Satine first appears on screen in the movie Moulin Rouge, she sings of how “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” and the film’s evil Duke of Monroth takes note and later presents her with an dazzling diamond garland necklace.

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The garland necklace, which Cartier is credited as having first created, referred to Neo-Classical and Rococo-esque designs with delicate floral, foliate and lace patterns made from diamonds and platinum. Stefano Canturi designed ‘Satine’ to capture the eclecticism of France in the late 1800’s, he was strongly inspired by the Louis XVI style, openwork lace patterns, scrolls and splendorous bodice jewelry. (quoted from his site)


This necklace is the most expensive piece of jewelry created for film as it appears in the Guinness Book of World Records. Designed and made by Stefano Canturi, the original necklace was made with 1,308 diamonds, weighing a total of 134 carats, and was worth an estimated $1 million. An interesting fact report by the BBC, The Satine Necklace had been put up for sale at Christie’s in New York by Australian jeweler Stafano Canturi. Hours before the auction Mr. Canturi told a Christie’s employee that he loved the necklace and could not part with it.


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