Custom Design - Wedding Rings

Designing your own wedding ring has never been more popular than now.

Custom designs for a custom story teller. My client is a professional story teller. Travels the world telling stories. He weaves his stories under the stars and moon, in front of a camp fire. This couple wanted to have a meaningful ring design - so romantic so we used the story teller’s theme as the inspiration for the wedding band

The Story Teller’s Ring

Each view of this design is unique: the story teller rings tells a unique story under an orange gem representing a Harvest moon, a blue star diamond over a smokey campfire, flames from the story teller's campfire and under the starry diamonds in the sky. 

Our final presentaion

We were delighted with the outcome. The patinas used on the ring worked well with the sterling silver in creating a starry night. The matte finished mountains, waves, fire and smoke added enough contrast for the design to stand out. We selected a poppy colored round topaz from Swaroski for the harvest moon, added two brilliant cut diamonds and one blue diamond for the stars. All the gemstones were flush set.

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