Greta Garbo's Pendant | Wax Carving


We prefer to carve our design models in wax and by hand - you can get so MUCH more into the design by the human hand. Technologically is great for repetition and production - we use that as well - but when designing by hand you get the heart and soul of the designer in the work.

Kathleen Lynagh Fine Jewelry Ribbon Frame

Using solid blocks of dark purple wax we carve each design element until every detail is perfect. Each wax carving is taken to the highest polished finish possible. For us better waxes means less work in metal. It also gives our clients the opportunity to see the pendant in 3-d before we cast it in metal.

Once the wax carving is completed, the waxes are sprued and cast on a golden colored bronze. The following link will explain the casting and finishing process.

How it’s Made