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"The Young Victoria's" Scepter

Repairing the scepter - this was a challenge.
— kathleen
Emily Bunt in “The Young Victoria”

Emily Bunt in “The Young Victoria”

Coronation portrait of Queen Victoria - Hayter.jpg

While working on the The Crown repair for Swarovski, I was asked if I would take a look at the scepter from the film and see if I could fix it. It was damaged in shipping and beyond recognition.

The scepter was heavily damaged in shipping - many of the parts were cracked and twisted.

I had to repair sections at a time. Soldering would have ruined the plating and re-plating was not in the budget. Also I was not exactly sure what the base metals were and could ruin them rather quickly with the incorrect level of heat.

The components were beautifully made and with the right materials and amazing glue I was able to restore the parts without damaging the materials.

Young Victoria Crown-Sceptre - Version 2.jpg
The completed repaired scepter.

The completed repaired scepter.

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