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Carole Lombard


Carole Lombard had a love for sapphires. It had been well documented in magazines and newspapers from the 1930's on how she collected sapphires and wore them in several of her movies.

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard

In “My Man Godfrey she wore her own 152 carat star sapphire and diamond brooch with a fabulous beaded bias-cut gown with matching coat designed by Travis Banton. Larry McQueen the owner of the beaded gown commissioned us to research and re-create her gorgeous brooch.

Movie poster

The above images were from the film classic My Man Godfrey

We search for days thru newspapers and magazines from the time period and we found many references to her famous star sapphire. Gathering many details we needed to re-create that wonderful piece of jewelry.

Below are just a few of the images we found showing Lombard on and off the screen wearing her famous star sapphire brooch.