The Young Victoria's Crown

Repairing the crown from the film - “The Young Victoria” was way too cool!
— Kathleen

While attending a lecture at the Getty Museums  sponsored by Swarovski of Los Angeles - Designing Victoria: Visual Sources for Historical Costume I found a “sapphire”. Sandy Powell and Deborah Landis were the guest speakers. After the lecture we went on stage to meet the speakers and it was there that I found the “sapphire” on the floor next to the display of the the crown.

Found “sapphire” gem and mounting

Found “sapphire” gem and mounting

After I was introduced to Deborah Landis and Sandy Powell I promptly handed the "sapphire" over to Sandy Powell. Sandy Powell had commissioned a British maker to create the crown for the movie. It seems that the gemstone popped out of the setting while on display at the lecture. Deborah Landis whom I have worked with on the Academy  jewelry installation introduced me to the Swarovski representative and I offered to repair the crown.

The current Imperial State Crown was made in 1937 for George VI and is a copy of the one made in 1838 for Queen Victoria. Her crown had fallen into disrepair.
— Wikipedia

It was a fairly quick and easy repair. I had to set the gem and create a new stem for the diamond sphere. It was a joy to work on. The original maker did a beautiful in creating this prop.

The repaired crown - just stunning.